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          IoT integrated solution provider

          Outdoor 1 Output Eoc Master

          • Outdoor 1 Output Eoc Master Manufacturers, Outdoor 1 Output Eoc Master Factory, Supply Outdoor 1 Output Eoc Master

          Outdoor 1 Output Eoc Master

          Brand :HKT

          Product origin :CHINA

          Delivery time :25D

          Supply capacity :10K

          Low-frequency Modulation EOC (Model Name:HKTEOC-7410) 


           EOC MASTER 6.jpg

          Outdoor 1 Output Eoc Master Introduction:

          Low-frequency modulation EOC series modulate the data baseband(Ethernet) signals to 5-65MHz band through the way of OFDM, mix the Ethernet signal with TV signal and transmit the mixed signal on the existing coaxial cable in HFC network. 


          Main Features:

          uNo need to restructure existing physical HFC infrastructure for internet signal

          uAluminum alloy waterproof case with excellent heat elimination designanti Lightning/EMI/Radiation design

          uQualcomm Intellon 7410 chipset

          uAnalog TV, DVB digital TV, IPQAM applications can co-exist

          uCLI / WEB / SNMP management available

          uPTM network topology, gather users independent Ethernet services more effectively

          uSupport IGMP multicast 

          uOFDM technology of seven independent bidirectional sub-band solve the noise issue completely

          uHigh confidentiality,slave are isolated in MAC layer, supports VLAN agreements.

          uAC110V/AC220V local power supply, AC60V remote power feed, AC60V remote power supply to next equipment(Power-pass feature).

          uCertifications: CE/FCC/RoHS


           Schematic Diagram of EOC Master with Outputs of Mixed Ethernet Data & TV Signal: 



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