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          IoT integrated solution provider

          LoRa GPS Tracker

          • LoRa GPS Tracker Manufacturers, LoRa GPS Tracker Factory, Supply LoRa GPS Tracker

          LoRa GPS Tracker

          Brand :HKT

          Product origin :CHINA

          Delivery time :10-20 DAYS

          Supply capacity :10K

          LGT-10 is a Compact, low power consumption LoRa based GPS tracking device for tracking various assets and the living equipped with a rechargeable battery. Integrated with LoRa+GPS+BLE chips , which enable LGT-10 pairs with your phone and transmit message and GPS location from device to device through LoRaWAN network, communication range up to 5KM. Ultra low power consumption combine with private network , makes it ideal for outdoor adventure and traveling .


          Communicate Via LoRa , no SIM card required

          LoRaWAN compliant, create a reliable backup communication network for use when cell service is down . communication range up to 5KM line-of-sight, unlike Bluetooth trackers , compass allow you to see where the object is even when is far away.

          Build in BLE

          Build in BLE chip allow Compass pairs with your smart phone , transmit message and GPS location from device to device through LoraWANnetwork.

          Support Off Line Map , SOS , Geo-fencing & Message

          With a simple press of the SOS button on the device, you can send an SOS signal in the case of an emergency. Set a customized safe zone and get notifications on your phone when the object enter or leave the zone.

          Long Battery life

          The device transmit message at a configured frequency when activated, battery life up to 10 days @ one locate per half an hour. A notification is sent when the battery power falls below 20% .

          IP65 enclosure , easy to install on any object

          Product Brief

          Frequency Band 868~928MHz

          Battery Specs Recharge Li-ion battery,1000mAh

          Temperature -20~65

          Dimensions 100*33*20mm (Weight 80g)

          Modulation LoRaWan

          Transmit Power +27dBm

          Bluetooth BT 4.0

          GPS positioning solution REALTEK MG1009R,Sensitive down to -148dB

          GPS accuracy 5 Meters

          LED indicator Configurable

          Protection Requirements IP65

          Data upload rate Customize


          1. Outdoor Adventure: Stay connected in remote areas when cell service is down , share GPS locations and send SOS if you get into trouble .

          2. Locate and track children, elderly and disabled people, prevent them from missing , send SOS in emergency.

          3. Group management: LGT-10 allows you to keep track of all members of your group within the field in real time

          4. Asset tracking : LGT-10 can be used to track pets , vehicle, fleet , parcels or bags .

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