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          IoT integrated solution provider

          Cloud Platform

          • Cloud Platform Manufacturers, Cloud Platform Factory, Supply Cloud Platform

          Cloud Platform

          Brand :hkt

          Product origin :china

          Delivery time :30D

          Supply capacity :10K

          LoRaWAN Middleware(Development Kit)

          LoRaWAN Middleware(Development Kit).jpg

           LoRaWAN middleware(development kit)of HKT Technology has achieved protocol connection and data analysis between node and gateway, as well as provided a complete open API interface based on the MQTT interface and rest style. 

          Users don't need to pay attention to the technical details of front-end hardware and transmission protocols. 

          However, the API interface and the MQTT protocol will be dealt directly with the user, and user only need to develop a standard MQTT client. 

          Winext also provides source code references for these standard clients and interface invocations. 


          Cloud Platform Features: 

          1. Data transfer and management, two-way transmission of data, multiple encryption (to ensure the security of transmission), and carry on transmission flow statistics, transfer status monitoring;

          2. Provide gateway management and configuration interfaces;

          3. Provide terminal node management and configuration interfaces;

          4. Provide standard configuration interfaces for enterprise platforms, rest API interface management equipment;

          5. Cloud platform communication, which can format and forward data from terminal nodes in real time;

          6. Provide an MQTT subscription publishing mechanism that subscribes to topics of interest to users;

          7. Achieve standard LoRaWAN protocol;

          8. Support adaptive data rate (ADR);

          9. Support access to a large number of terminals;

          10. Provide standard rest API interface management facilities for enterprise platforms

          11. HKT LoRaWAN middleware is compatible with the international standard LoRaWAN protocol, so it's with good flexibility, high versatility and stability, high reusability, and its system deployment is very flexible and can make the user's development of private cloud or server more efficiently. 


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